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Accurate, fast, and high resolution inspection:

Vital for the auto industry when it comes to design and quality assurance for production parts and tooling.

Industrial CT Scanning

With advancements in EV battery technology, Industrial CT Scanning has become a key player for failure analysis and more.

  • Industrial 3D Scanning Accelerates Inspections With Unprecedented Accuracy
  • Industrial CT is a Non-Destructive Testing Marvel Revealing Internal Flaws
  • CMM Inspections Ensure Precision in Complex Geometries and Large Parts
X-ray light on industrial CT machine

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Design and Prototyping:​

Capture the intricate details of physical prototypes and existing components.

This data can then be used to create digital models for further design refinement and prototyping.

CT scan of automotive door handle
3D scan colormap of turbine housing
Discover Deviations From Design Intent
  • Measure dimensions of parts to compare to CAD, other parts, or other datasets.
  • Use colormaps to identify deviations and analyze data.
  • Check for accuracy to inform design improvements.
  • Prevent mistakes before they become a problem.
Reverse Engineer

When manufacturers need to reproduce or modify existing components, 3D scanning assists in reverse engineering.

Scanning a physical part creates a digital model that can be manipulated and optimized for improved performance or integrated into new designs.

Blue light scanner
Automotive emblem CAD model
  • Create CAD for tooling
  • Manufacture legacy parts
  • Make improvements to original designs
  • Get surface wraps or parametric models
  • Create features or remove imperfections
Optimize Every
Product Development Stage
  • Trust in accurate scan results no matter the shape or geometry
  • Match design of parts for proper fit or alignment
  • Create fixtures for different processes
  • 3D prototype before production begins
Machine tool replacement. 3D scanning and modeling

Common Auto Manufacturing Services:

  • Design and prototyping
  • Reverse engineering
  • Quality control
  • Tool and die manufacturing
  • Wear and tear analysis
  • Historical preservation and restoration
  • Aerodynamics and performance optimization

Additional Benefits

1. Real-world case studies, emerging trends, and advancements offer a glimpse into a future where these technologies are a necessity for excellence in the auto industry.

2. Innovative technologies and expertise ensure safer, more reliable vehicles on the road.

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Case Studies

Colormap of CT scan data within VG software

A major consumer product company struggles to develop, approve, and launch multiple high-level cavitation molds for high-volume production & global distribution.


Computed tomography and value-add services from Nel PreTech.


Client saves $1 million in direct cost and gains $60 million in cash flow four months sooner.

The Scoop: Product development & launch expedited with industrial CT scanning of new tooling.

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Industrial CT scanning services allows analysis of hidden elements

Major grill manufacturer reaches out with malfunctioning glow plugs.


Industrial CT scanning (x-ray material testing) provides digital 3D x-ray images of internal components of the glow plug & finds a wire break inside the heating device.


Client is able to investigate the root cause of the glow plug failure and fix the problem.

Grillers Rejoice: Pellet grills saved by industrial CT scanning.

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Blue light scan of an automotive door handle

Global OEM medical device company needs help developing and launching drug delivery pumps.


CT scanning and value-add services create a turnkey solution to give the client a competitive advantage.


20 new tools in 20 weeks.

A Medical Miracle: Drug delivery pumps developed and launched in record time with 3D scanning services.

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