The Future of 3D Scanning – Rapid Growth & Development

As a leading 3D scanning services provider in Chicago, Nel PreTech has been helping customers create the products of tomorrow. Our expertise allows us to support companies with a wide range of projects, from extremely detailed applications to large-volume manufacturing. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience and specializes in delivering top-notch quality and service in 3D industrial scanning, digital design, and reverse engineering. Our cutting-edge equipment is based on structured blue light and x-ray computed tomography methods and holds the ability to capture millions of data points. Contact us today at 708-429-4887 to learn more about how you can use our 3D scanning services to bring your products to life.

Advanced 3D Scanning Techniques We Use

  • X-ray Computed Tomography
  • Structured Light Scanning

Cutting-Edge 3D Scanning Services in Chicago

We recognized the importance of 3D scanning services for fast-track innovation and realized that it is vital for businesses to go from design to prototype in the shortest time possible.
Medical Devices 3D Scanning

Get your medical devices scanned in a matter of hours. From Luers to Medical Implants, we work with medical device manufacturers to scan their products so they can validate the geometry or design no matter what phase of the manufacturing process they are in.

Automotive 3D Scanning

Render our automotive 3D Scanning services in Chicago to design or re-design vehicle parts, optimize manufacturing processes, and improve product quality control. With us, companies can reduce costs and increase profits as they transition into the era of mass customization.

Aerospace 3D Scanning

Scan Pumps, Nozzles, and Electronics in a matter of hours! We use our proprietary technologies and software to transform raw data into accurate models that can be used for reverse engineering, inspection, and testing.

Traditional Manufacturing 3D Scanning

Capture any object, component, or assembly with optimized resolution. We offer best-in-class accuracy and precision, with the capability to scan small objects, large objects, and complex geometries.

Additive Manufacturing 3D Scanning

Take advantage of all benefits: faster prototyping, improved design quality, and reduced costs just to name a few! From rapid prototyping through 3D printing and finishing, we can help you turn the physical into the digital.

Defense 3D Scanning

Create high-precision scans with perfectly tailored resolution. Our custom-made 3D Scanning services in Chicago allow for complex Firearms, Weapons Systems, Hypersonics, and Ammunition to be manufactured with confidence using the expert data we collect.

Consumer Products 3D Scanning

Produce truly high-quality digital files in a matter of moments. Our Consumer Products 3D Scanning services allow you to troubleshoot challenges in finished parts, molded parts, or prototypes, be it disposable cutlery, tech manufacturing, sporting goods, or consumer packaging. 

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Why choose us?

  • We use state-of-the-art technology in the industry, which helps us produce accurate results that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. 
  • We guarantee a fast turnaround time for every project and have worked with thousands of clients.
  • Our team has over three decades of experience and specializes in delivering exceptional 3D scanning results in Chicago.
  • Whether you need to scan just one item or hundreds, we have the right solution for you and can handle any size project or scale!
Contact us today if you need assistance with an upcoming project or if you would like to learn more about our services!