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Industrial CT scanning allows quality managers, research and development professionals, design engineers, tooling managers, and manufacturers to inspect parts, components, or tools internally and externally without damaging them. It can help improve product quality while reducing inspection and product development time. Quality industrial CT scanners take multiple readings from different angles and are highly accurate..  

Nel PreTech is a leading industrial 3D and CT scanning laboratory in Illinois. We use tried and tested 3D scanning techniques designed to detect even the minutest flaws. Our 3D scanning specialists have acquired a wealth of specialized knowledge. Their expertise and experience enable them to avoid 3D scanning errors that can lead to inaccurate data.

Industrial CT scanning technology has come a long way and is still evolving. We keep on top of emerging CT scanning technology trends and are always conducting internal experiments to optimize our scanning processes and methods.

Why Choose NPC?

NPC is an ITAR compliant and FFL registered laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA. We build customer loyalty by regularly meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our ability to develop customized 3D scanning solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients sets us apart from other 3D scanning services in Illinois.

Our track record speaks for itself. To date, we have successfully performed over 30,000 dimensional inspections. Our average scan turnaround time is just 2-3 days. A short turnaround time allows us to serve our clients better, helping improve customer satisfaction.

3D scanning projects, especially projects that involve scanning larger objects, can be very complicated. Regardless of how minor it may seem; a 3D scanning mistake can lead to inaccurate results and erroneous conclusions.

Before starting a project, we work with the client’s team to set project goals. Our team studies the factors at play and comes up with a plan to manage them. We track project progress and tweak our strategy if required to keep the project on track.  

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Our services include:

2D analysis cross sections

2D Analysis

We use comprehensive 2D image analyses of cross-sections or slices in arbitrary orientations to help you visualize or measure, and get informed about your product’s performance. By changing views, unrolling objects, or changing settings we can display your data in an informative, functional way.

3D fiber composite analysis image

Fiber Composite Analysis

Local and global fiber orientations can be calculated and visualized in tensors, histograms, or porosity in the matrix material. Fiber and matrix orientations and properties can be mapped and exported for use in simulation software.

3D foam analysis image

Foam Analysis

Determine cell structures in porous foams. We use Volume Graphics software to subdivide connected cells and individually quantify cell sizes and shapes. Strut thicknesses can be visualized locally and aggregated to global statistics, like through histograms.

Parametric model of a pen cap

Parametric Models Creation

Industrial scanners are used to gather the necessary data for creation of highly accurate, parametric solid models. Our scanning technology combined with the best reverse engineering software and expertise allows us to transfer feature design history to Solid works for further editing or incorporation into the production assembly. Parametric models can be exported in a STEP format that can be opened in most major CAD packages as well. It’s important to note, when translated to STEP, the feature design history no longer exists.

3D analysis fiber composite

3D Analysis

Our 3D scanners and analysis software are designed as the most comprehensive tools for 3D inspection. The reconstruction of internal and external geometries is a complete and accurate representation of any structure, even some of the most complex. Measure 3D dimensions and perform sophisticated geometry analysis.

3D scan data of assembly analysis

Assembly Analysis

Our industrial 3D scanning devices generate accurate data by non-destructive means. Need to validate products when fully assembled? Our 3D scanning specialists can take measurements, look for voids or inclusions, show you how the parts fit together, check for defects, and more.

Measurements for first article inspection

First Article Inspection

Our 3D scanning experts have years of experience performing thorough FAIs. Defense, aerospace, and medical devices, where precision is a requirement, can use FAI reports to maintain accountability and hold evidence of pass or fail. Nel PreTech can check quality on parts from first production runs and offer confidence in suppliers.

Computed tomography scan of SD card showing damage and failure analysis

Failure Analysis

3D CT scanning provides a fast and effective way to identify problems affecting the performance of parts and assemblies. A comparison between scan data and nominal CAD geometry reveals the causes of failures. We can also automate visual inspection processes so our 3D scanning team can inspect a good number of parts or locations within assemblies quickly and accurately.

Gray value analysis of golf ball

Gray Value Analysis

Local gray value measurements can be used to quantify linear density. We use this method to quantify, understand, and visualize how process changes can affect materials. Track how values and distribution change in material use over time.

Computed tomography scan of a brake shoe showing porosity.

Porosity Analysis

3D CT scanning enables inspection teams to perform porosity analyses non-destructively. When characterizing porosity, we thoroughly study the statistical distribution of pore size, surface density of pores, tortuosity, roughness profile, and morphology of surface area.

STL file of pen cap


The STL format is the most popular file format used for 3D printing. Low-resolution STL files are illegible and often lead to misinterpretation of 3D scanning results. We follow best practices when creating STL files. Our 3D scanning specialists follow all materials’ design guidelines when creating these polygonised mesh files for measurements or layouts.

CT scan data of wall thickness analysis.

Wall Thickness Analysis

A wall thickness analysis is performed to examine material distribution across the part. Localize areas to see insufficient or excess material in a color-coded format. Before performing an analysis, we take the time to understand the client’s unique business and manufacturing requirements. An in-depth understanding of client requirements enables us to perform inspections accurately.  

Colormap display from blue light data on a turbine housing.

Color Mapping

We use industrial CT scanning to capture non-line-of-sight and generate as-built comparisons. Nominal/actual comparisons show you deviations and can include local annotations as well. Identify missing, added, or mislocated features.

 Nel PreTech offers top-notch 3D scanning services. Our unparalleled ability to customize 3D scanning solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs sets us apart from other 3D scanning companies. To learn more, call our office.

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