Medical Devices

  • Small bore connectors
  • Surgical devices
  • Packaging
  • Implantable medical devices
  • Tubing
  • Gas cylinders
  • Valve protection caps & guards
Challenges Solved:
  • Faster product development with faster 3D & CT scanning
  • Keep up with regulatory changes
  • Integrate new 3D technologies and value-add services into existing systems and workflows for faster decision making
  • Give everyone on your team access to inspection reports and datasets at the same time
  • Identify & resolve quality issues quickly
  • Mitigate problems that lead to recalls
  • Rely on our accredited quality management system to improve design and manufacturing processes

Aerospace & Defense


Aircraft sealing wire, non-metallic pulleys, nuts, washers, & bolts. Locking clips, aircraft control wire rope assemblies, eye ends, turn barrels, stud ends, fork ends, electronics, fasteners, firearms, weapons systems, hypersonics.

Challenges Solved:
  • Integrate our inspection services into your production system for improved manufacturing of parts
  • Support legacy parts with 3D scanning and reverse engineering services
  • Material performance is very important to hypersonics. Use our 3D & CT scanning services to tackle specific challenges.
  • First Article Inspection reports for your AS9102 needs.



Connectors, bolts, interior & exterior components, pins, twist locks, glow plugs, cables, handles, EV batteries, housings

Challenges Solved:
  • Support electric vehicle battery R&D with quality imaging and accurate surface determinations.
  • Validate battery components with x-ray technology that works on materials of widely different densities.
  • Non-destructive inspection to detect defects & internal changes.
  • Data analysis & visualization software for geometric measurements & anode overlap.

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Consumer Products

  • Packaging
  • Disposable cutlery
  • Sporting goods
  • Tech Manufacturing
  • Batteries
Challenges Solved:
  • Robust functional value in eye-popping imagery.
  • Troubleshoot challenges in finished parts, molded parts, or consumer packaging.
  • Leak path inspection, assembly analysis, wall thickness analysis, CAD comparison, thread engagement, & mold-wear measurement.

Traditional Manufacturing

  • Die casting
  • Metal stamping
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Metal injection molding
Tooling replacement. Using 3D scanning and reverse engineering to recreate machine parts
Challenges Solved:
  • No matter the manufacturing stage, industrial 3D & CT scanning provides accurate inspection on a wide range of casting & forging materials.
  • Detect gas porosities, shrinkage, or defects.
  • Perform gray value analysis or density analysis.
  • Identify voids or inclusions.

Additive Manufacturing

  • 3D Printing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Direct manufacturing
  • Tooling
Challenges Solved:
  • No drawings? Use our 3D scanning services to get CAD data & models.
  • Guaranteed high accuracy & repeatability.
  • Quick scanning & measurement even on complex shapes.
  • Spot defective parts & deviations before your product goes to market.
  • Lack of qualified metrologists? Trust our experts and an accredited quality management system to deliver the best inspection reports when you need them.

Materials Acceptable for Computed Tomography

There is no one size fits all when considering industrial CT scanning and acceptable materials.

Path lengths vary depending on density and thickness of material.
The lower the density, the easier it is for the x-rays to pass through. With higher density material, higher energies are required which can affect resolution.
As material density increases, time to scan can increase. This sometimes results in higher costs or a limit on parts per scan.

What is the thickness of material that needs scanning?

From plastics to aluminum to steel, path lengths will vary. An important question to ask: What is the thickness of material that needs scanning?

There are sometimes alternatives to getting the desired results you want.

Example #1

A weld can be trimmed out to lower the amount of really dense material.

Example #2

A customer needed porosity analysis on a part made of Inconel. This is a dense material, but the thickness of the part was minimal. This allowed us to provide a clean & accurate scan.

Cover image of brochure showing the inside of industrial ct scanner

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You'll find all the detailed service information you need in one brochure.

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Importance of Customer Requirements

Keeping all these variables in mind, the importance of customer requirements, communication, & engagement becomes paramount. Setting expectations early in the process helps us determine proper methods to get you the data you need.

In your engagement with Nel PreTech, we will discuss:
  • Size of part(s)
  • Material(s)
  • Tolerances
  • Important geometry
  • Resolution
  • Number of parts
  • Turnaround
  • Cost

Case Studies

Colormap of CT scan data within VG software

A major consumer product company struggles to develop, approve, and launch multiple high-level cavitation molds for high-volume production & global distribution.


Computed tomography and value-add services from Nel PreTech.


Client saves $1 million in direct cost and gains $60 million in cash flow four months sooner.

The Scoop: Product development & launch expedited with industrial CT scanning of new tooling.

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Industrial CT scanning services allows analysis of hidden elements

Major grill manufacturer reaches out with malfunctioning glow plugs.


Industrial CT scanning (x-ray material testing) provides digital 3D x-ray images of internal components of the glow plug & finds a wire break inside the heating device.


Client is able to investigate the root cause of the glow plug failure and fix the problem.

Grillers Rejoice: Pellet grills saved by industrial CT scanning.

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Blue light scan of an automotive door handle

Global OEM medical device company needs help developing and launching drug delivery pumps.


CT scanning and value-add services create a turnkey solution to give the client a competitive advantage.


20 new tools in 20 weeks.

A Medical Miracle: Drug delivery pumps developed and launched in record time with 3D scanning services.

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