Medical devices can have critical dimensions, tight tolerances, and complex geometries.

With the use of advanced technologies,the experts at Nel PreTech can get you the inspection reports and necessary data you need for compliance.

Keep up with regulatory requirements and changes with our accredited quality management system

With an A2LA scope and certificate you can have confidence in our:

  • Procedures and policies
  • Quality of environment
  • Measurement uncertainty analysis
  • Calibration standards
  • Traceability
Get dimensional inspections on specific ISO standards

Medical device manufacturers in the United States must obtain specific ISO certifications before they can market their products worldwide. These standards are crucial in establishing credibility with customers and demonstrating that the devices meet international quality, risk management, and safety requirements. ​

Meeting these ISO standards provides tangible benefits for both manufacturers and customers. Let us help you save time, money, and effort with medical device dimensional inspection.​

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A few examples of the ISO inspection requirements we can help you with:​
  • ISO 27186: Four-pole connector system for active implantable medical devices
  • ISO 80369: Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases
  • ISO 9626: Rigid stainless steel tubing
  • ISO 18250: Reservoir delivery systems in enteral applications
  • ISO 7864: Single-use hypodermic needles
Improve engineering design and manufacturing functions with accurate and timely data​

Get accurate, reliable, and timely results that will help you make informed decisions about your designs and stay ahead of your competition.

Verify accuracy and integrity of parts

With extremely accurate measurements down to the micron level you get precise geometries, better quality control, and thorough failure analysis on your critical medical components.​

Data from scans can be compared to the ​CAD model, other parts, or other datasets​

Creating overlay comparisons can quickly help a manufacturer determine which process turns out parts closest to the intended design.​

Common Medical Device Services:

  • Flaw detection
  • Assembly accuracy
  • Metrology
  • Failure analysis
  • Wall thickness analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Detect & modify deviations
  • Colormaps
  • Part-to-part compare
  • Part-to-CAD compare
  • Define porosity & inclusions
  • Conduct FEA on real-world parts
  • Leak path interrogation

Additional Benefits

1. Speed up product development with our turn-key, 3d scanning and engineering solutions. Learn more about it with this case study

2. Integrate new technology and services into your existing workflows for faster decision making

3. Simultaneous access for your entire team: Inspection reports and datasets at your fingertips

4. Mitigate problems that lead to recalls

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Case Studies

Colormap of CT scan data within VG software

A major consumer product company struggles to develop, approve, and launch multiple high-level cavitation molds for high-volume production & global distribution.


Computed tomography and value-add services from Nel PreTech.


Client saves $1 million in direct cost and gains $60 million in cash flow four months sooner.

The Scoop: Product development & launch expedited with industrial CT scanning of new tooling.

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Industrial CT scanning services allows analysis of hidden elements

Major grill manufacturer reaches out with malfunctioning glow plugs.


Industrial CT scanning (x-ray material testing) provides digital 3D x-ray images of internal components of the glow plug & finds a wire break inside the heating device.


Client is able to investigate the root cause of the glow plug failure and fix the problem.

Grillers Rejoice: Pellet grills saved by industrial CT scanning.

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Blue light scan of an automotive door handle

Global OEM medical device company needs help developing and launching drug delivery pumps.


CT scanning and value-add services create a turnkey solution to give the client a competitive advantage.


20 new tools in 20 weeks.

A Medical Miracle: Drug delivery pumps developed and launched in record time with 3D scanning services.

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