Digital 3D X-ray Images Save Glow Plugs

We put our Zeiss Metrotom 800 Industrial CT Scanner to work to obtain digital 3D x-ray images for manufacturing.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

3D Industrial X-ray Images

Are you a grill master or a weekend warrior? Do you know about the advantages of pellet grilling? What in the world does this have to do with 3D industrial x-ray images anyway? Ok, we’re getting to that.

Our client is the world's leading barbecue brand. They design and manufacture their products right here in the Chicago area. Nel PreTech Corporation is the leading industrial x-ray provider in the Chicago area, so it was a perfect pairing.

Failure Analysis:

The customer reached out to us because their glow plugs were failing. A glow plug provides ignition for the fuel in the pellet grill. Nel Pretech was determined to find the problem. We put our Zeiss Metrotom 800 Industrial CT Scanner to work to obtain a digital 3D x-ray image of the glow plug.

Industrial X-Ray Computed Tomography:

Using industrial x-ray computed tomography allowed us to analyze the interior components of the glow plug without damaging the part. The customer was concerned about internal damage, breakage, or separation. By analyzing the 3D scan data within specialized software, we were able to determine a wire break inside the heating device. Now the client can can investigate the root cause of the glow plug failure and fix the problem. Pellet grillers rejoice! Let the grilling recommence!

What Are Glow Plugs?

If you are wondering more about pellet grilling like we were, here is what we learned after getting the ignition part. Pellet grills are versatile in regards to the different cooking methods you can utilize. For instance BBQ, smoking, grilling, roasting, and baking. Pellet grills can also preheat fast, you can regulate the temperature more accurately, and there are a multitude of pellet “flavors” to choose from, too. If that’s not enough for you, just check out the barbecue bible This guy is a pro.

To learn more about analyzing interior components on parts, failure analysis, turnaround time, and the digital 3D x-ray image, contact us today.


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