Three Reasons to Use Industrial CT Scanning Services for Failure Analysis

Discover benefits of industrial ct scanning for failure analysis: non-destructive, precise insights, and faster, cost-effective analysis. For more, read the article.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

Failure analysis or FA involves investigating the root cause of failure of a product or equipment so similar problems could be avoided in the future. Results from a failure analysis could be used to make product improvements.  

Manufacturing businesses around the world use industrial CT scanning services for failure analysis (FA). Industrial CT scanning is an imaging technology that uses x-rays to produce 3D internal and external representations of an object so it can be inspected. This technology can be used to:

  • Detect and identify cracks, particles, inclusions, bubbles, voids, or porosity
  • Collect measurements
  • Perform CAD or part compares
  • Find wall thickness variations
  • Identify internal geometries
  • Assess material

Here are some compelling reasons to prefer industrial CT scanning for failure analysis over traditional failure analysis methods.  

It's Nondestructive  

Previously, the only way to get to the root cause of product failure was to dissect the product and examine every component individually. One of the most significant advantages of industrial CT scanning is that it allows failure analysts to inspect the inside of products to identify dimensional problems, take precise measurements, and diagnose internal issues without taking products apart. The most apparent advantage of nondestructive testing or NDT is time and cost savings. Also, NDT for failure analysis helps preserve the structural integrity of products which is important when dealing with expensive or critical parts.


3D scanning technology generates high-resolution images, capturing every detail. Reputable industrial CT scanning services utilize advanced 3D scanners designed to accurately measure contoured surfaces and complex geometries from different angles. They can be used to build 3D models accurately and swiftly. Unlike many traditional failure analysis methods that allow failure analysis engineers to only study surface details or to cross section the part, industrial CT scanning can be used to inspect the interior of products as well as study surface details. It reveals the tiniest of defects. One example, we use industrial ct scanning to discover the source of a leak while a bottle is under vacuum pressure. Read the case study of leak path testing using industrial ct scanning to learn more.

Engineers can use data generated by 3D scanners to determine if the root cause of product failure was a:

  • design flaw: affects functionality or performance of product
  • manufacturing flaw: design requirements aren't met in the production process
  • material defect: pores, voids, excess, or unknown particles detected
  • incorrect use of product: user does not properly follow intended purpose or treatment of product
  • product life cycle: material exceeds functional life span

If any destructive analysis is to be performed, industrial 3D scanning can help the failure analysis team ensure that the product is cut or disassembled in a way that does not damage any material evidence.  

A Faster, More Cost-effective, and Efficient Analysis  

Industrial CT scanning saves failure analysis teams the hassle of disassembling products to study internal and external defects and assembling them after inspections are completed. It is also a much faster and more reliable technique than more traditional or manual means. With 3D scanning, failure analysis could be carried out swiftly, effectively, and at a fraction of the cost. Lesser the time taken for an analysis; the faster production teams could start batch production and get products to market quickly.

Nel PreTech offers a full range of industrial CT scanning services. We use advanced scanners designed for advanced failure analysis. Get accurate data and detailed reports that stand out from our competitors. To request a quote, call 708-429-4887.  

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