4 Industries That Regularly Use Industrial 3D Scanning

Enhance quality and cut costs with industrial 3D scanning. From medical precision to aerospace safety, discover diverse industry applications.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

Industrial 3D scanning technology is widely used to reverse engineer and inspect products because it can quickly and precisely capture data. It can help reduce production and inspection costs and improve product quality.  

Here are some industries that regularly use industrial 3D scanning.  

Medical Industry  

Medical device companies use 3D scanning for engineering design and manufacturing functions. From minuscule medical connectors to complex implants, the medical industry needs 3D scanning services for inspection, reverse engineering, and analysis. Oftentimes, medical devices have critical components that require approval from governing bodies. When 3D scanning is outsourced to an approved, accredited supplier, they can be confident the models are obtained using highly accurate and repeatable methods.

A perfect example of a medical connector requiring FDA approval is the Luer. It’s a small-bore connector designed to ensure leak-free connections between two medical devices. Medical device manufacturers can use industrial 3d scanning to inspect the Luers and identify any design changes that need to be made in order to comply with the ISO 80369-7 standard.


The automotive industry uses 3d scanning for quality control, replacement parts, or re-designs. 3D scanning can be used to produce OEM as well as aftermarket auto parts that are no longer available. A manufacturer of aftermarket parts can use 3D scan data to replicate, reverse engineer, or develop CAD. Many manufacturers utilize industrial 3D scanning to inspect parts or assemblies from different vendors to troubleshoot quality issues.  

Fast becoming a helpful tool for EV battery developers, 3D scanning equipment and expert techniques can deliver data essential for failure analysis. Offering traceability and repeatability, 3D scanning and post-scan processing can define the following:

  • Overhang measurements
  • Jelly roll distances
  • Weld quality
  • Torn anodes
  • Contaminate identification
  • Stack alignments
  • Connector corrosion
  • Cracks, folds, pores


The aerospace industry is one of the most demanding in regards to quality assurance and accuracy. Aerospace companies around the world rely on industrial 3D scanning to create precise 3D models of aircraft parts. Accurate 3D models point design and development teams in the right direction during product development and can reduce time spent on re-design. By capturing detailed data of aircraft structures, engineers can identify potential flaws, streamline maintenance processes, and enhance overall performance. 3D scanning technology can be used to carry out comprehensive inspections that reveal structural and other defects on something as small as a bolt or fastener to larger components, all essential for safety and performance. Industrial 3d scanning services can also be used for 3D CAD compares when investigating deviation from original designs.

Consumer Goods  

The consumer goods industry is a large quantity, get-to-market quickly, competitive playing field. Molds, tooling, and injection molded parts can all benefit from industrial 3d scanning services. First article inspection is the kick-start to the production process of high volume manufacturers. Dimensional reports are created with data, pictures, and tables to help the customer decide if changes need to be implemented or mass production can begin.

Consumer goods companies use 3D scanning for rapid prototyping of consumer goods. The technology can be used to carry out colormap deviations. Manufacturers can scan products at different stages of production to identify deviations from the intended design and take corrective action on time.  

3D scanning can help perform inspections effectively and swiftly, saving organizations time and money and allowing them to provide quality products at an affordable price. Also, many consumer goods companies use industrial 3D scanning to study the geometry of legacy, discontinued, or competitors’ products and reverse engineer them.  

Nel PreTech offers advanced 3D scanning services. Our ability to develop customized 3D scanning solutions to fix our client’s product development and manufacturing pain points sets us apart from other service providers. To learn more, call 708-429-4887.  

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