Industrial CT Scanning Services

Gain the ability to visualize the unseen with Nel PreTech's Industrial CT Scanning Services.

Visualize the Unseen

Industrial CT scanning services from Nel PreTech allow the customer the ability to visualize the unseen. Believability in the data is always a factor in the decision-making process for engineers, quality, and manufacturing professionals alike. The newest 3D technologies provide a clear visual depiction of the data. Our data builds the confidence needed to make quick and accurate decisions. This is why we say, “Seeing Is Better Than Believing”. We are providing sight to precise measurements and material performance confirmation.

Common Uses:

  • Flaw Detection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Assembly Accuracy
  • Reverse Engineering Applications
  • Metrology

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The NPC Difference

Nel PreTech Corporation is the first ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab in the U.S. for industrial CT scanning services. We operate the Metrotom 800 and 1500 computed tomography machines created by Carl Zeiss Corporation, a global leader and manufacturer of precision-measuring instruments. Beyond the scan, we offer post-scan engineering and measurement services as required.

NPC uses CT scanning technology to form 3D models that allow the user to examine the interior and exterior of the item being scanned.
This x-ray technology provides valuable insight for diverse industries including, but not limited to aerospace, automotive, electronics, and die-cast manufacturing.
We prepare expedient inspection reports compared to other CT scanning providers.
NPC methods are non-destructive, accurate, and fast. We give you access to the inner details of manufactured parts without the need for disassembly.

How It Works

Industrial CT scanning projects a beam of x-rays onto a sample object in order to obtain a 3D data set. This allows for a thorough analysis of dimensions, porosity, wall thickness, assembly defects, comprehensive comparisons, and reverse engineering applications.

Information from the CT scan can be compared to the CAD model, other parts, or other data sets.


  • Improved product quality and accuracy
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced number of product recalls
  • Increased production ability
  • Shortened development time
  • Plastic color and depth of feature will not affect accuracy or repeatability
  • Web conference to discuss results
  • Free viewer with scan results
  • Option for extensive porosity (voids) and wall thickness reports

Seeing Is Better
Than Believing!

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