Why is 3D Metrology Best for Product Quality Measurement?

3D metrology is the manufacturing industry's go-to method for dimensional quality control. Learn more about how this system saves time & money.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

Manufacturers will continuously innovate, produce, and launch new products or improve the current ones. But one thing that will always remain a priority is quality control and assurance.

Today’s advanced technology has brought manufacturing to the next level; however, manufacturers must ensure that their products are of good quality and capable of meeting customers’ needs. For this reason, they need efficient methods for quality measurement, such as 3D metrology - one of the best methods for product/part quality measurement or inspection.

What is 3D metrology?

3D metrology is typically associated with various scanning/imaging techniques widely used for several applications, including quality control. 3D metrology is commonly used in the manufacturing industry and production environment.

A typical 3D metrology process for a manufacturing company involves using a 3D representation of a product/item (to be measured). Then, it uses color mapping to determine whether the specifications of the item (under inspection) match the given requirements.

Manufacturers sometimes  have an in-house quality control team, which performs testing and inspection using different approaches like 3D metrology. However, many manufacturing companies hire independent, third-party, or external firms for 3D metrology services to get it done in an unbiased manner with the newest, metrology-grade equipment .

How does 3D metrology work?

A newer technology used in 3D metrology is structured blue light. It uses sophisticated LED’s resistant to disruptive forces and stereoscopic cameras - the blue light has a shorter wavelength which eliminates noise, while the cameras capture where and how fringe light patterns are distorted by the object. This type of 3D metrology is ideal for providing accurate data for complex geometries or reflective surfaces.

Another effective 3D metrology technology is industrial computed tomography (CT). This method processes x-ray images to gain a dimensionally accurate 3D model. 3D computed tomography has the advantage of showing internal geometries as well.

The three-step process of 3D metrology

Placement & measurement

In most cases, the product or part is placed in front of the sensor (either the camera lenses of blue light or the flat-panel detector in the CT machine), a part of the 3D metrology equipment. The sensor generally collects the images and special metrology software generates a complete data set of the geometrical dimensions.


Then, the data obtained is further processed to compare with the actual data presenting the real dimensional requirements.


After the assessment or evaluation, the 3D metrologist creates a report that tells exactly where the deviations exist so that corrective action can be taken.

Why use 3D metrology?

Compared to traditional measurement equipment, 3D metrology can get the work done in a fraction of the time with more accurate results.

3D metrology can measure complex products with different densities and surface finishes much more efficiently.

3D metrology can be used during all phases of manufacturing, including the production process.


Manufacturers and subcontractors are increasingly turning to 3D metrology over other inefficient screening technologies for product/part quality assessment and assurance. Given that it ensures high accuracy even when inspecting a complex product, it will likely be the future of product/part quality inspection and evaluation of physical dimensions.

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