Top 4 Applications of 3D Scanning Services Used by Manufacturers and Engineers

3D scanning service is vastly applied for commercial and engineering purposes. Read the blog to get details. Visit our website to explore more.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

3D scanning is the process of analyzing the shape and size of an object using a 3D scanner. The data generated by the scanner is used to construct digital 3D models of the object. 3D scanning technology is revolutionizing the way we design, model, and visualize real-world environments and objects. Manufacturing companies use the technology for rapid prototyping to develop flexible designs and supercharge their design and production processes.  

Here are some applications of 3D scanning services: 

Reverse Engineering  

Reverse engineering involves deconstructing a physical object to learn how it works. Every detail, including the material structure, power delivery mechanism, and engineering design, is thoroughly studied. Using a 3D scanner, the width, height, and length of the object are measured.  

Once relevant data is collected and recorded, it can be utilized to create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings – two-dimensional and three-dimensional representations of the product. These drawings can be used to analyze the product design. Finally, necessary design changes are made, and the product is reassembled. Reverse engineering allows product designers to  discover product vulnerabilities and make product improvements.  

3D scan for reverse engineering purposes
3D Scan for Reverse Engineering Purposes

Quality Control  

Consumers these days are more savvy and unforgiving than ever. If your product has defective parts, your customers may not think twice before defecting to the competition. Effective quality control identifies and rejects defective goods, helping ensure your customers get quality products.  

3d scan of medical injection device
3D scan of medical injection device

The unparalleled ability of 3D scanners to generate accurate measurements makes them a reliable tool for quality inspection. Product engineers can compare the original CAD drawing of a product and the scanned file to identify any dimension discrepancies or aesthetic inconsistencies. 3D scanning software can help businesses save time and ensure inspection accuracy by creating 3D model drawings and optimizing workflows.  

Additive Manufacturing  

3D scanning services have become an invaluable tool for the additive manufacturing industry, revolutionizing the way objects are designed, prototyped, and manufactured. With 3D scanning, physical objects can be quickly and accurately converted into digital models, providing a seamless transition from the physical to the virtual realm. This enables manufacturers to easily reproduce and customize objects, saving time and resources. The precision and detail captured by 3D scanning ensure that the final products are of the highest quality. Additionally, 3D scanning enables quick identification of design flaws, allowing for iterative improvements throughout the manufacturing process. By streamlining production and enhancing quality control, 3D scanning services have become a driving force in the success of additive manufacturing, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and efficiency.

Additively manufactured medical implant with porous, complex structures
Additively manufactured medical implant with porous, complex structures


The benefits of 3D scanning in metrology are extensive, transforming the way measurements and inspections are conducted. With its ability to capture precise and intricate details, 3D scanning provides highly accurate measurements of complex geometries, surpassing traditional measurement methods. This technology allows for faster and more efficient inspection processes, as multiple measurements can be taken simultaneously. Additionally, 3D scanning reduces the risk of errors and enables comprehensive analysis of parts and components, facilitating quick identification of deviations and ensuring compliance with tolerances. Furthermore, 3D scanning offers non-destructive testing (NDT) capabilities, making it suitable for delicate or sensitive parts. Overall, the implementation of 3D scanning in metrology enhances productivity, improves quality control, and supports the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Digital unroll of tube to get measurements
Digital unroll of tube for measurements

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