Industrial Challenges of 3D Scanning to CAD

3D Scanning to CAD can present some challenges. Learn how Nel PreTech can help you overcome these barriers.

Chad Manning
Chad Manning

In this article, we’d like to explore the various industrial challenges of the 3d scan-to-CAD process and how those challenges are tackled by Nel PreTech Corporation.

First, let’s take a look at high quality data extraction and why it is important in the industrial world.

When it comes to industrial 3D scanning to CAD, accuracy is key. The 3D scanning systems employed by Nel PreTech are some of the most accurate in the world. Often, manufacturers require data accuracy that simply cannot be obtained using commercially available scanning devices. These types of devices may include cell phone scanners, commercially available desktop scanners, or off-the-shelf handheld devices. While these scanners have their place in the market, they cannot adhere to the strict tolerances required for industrial purposes. Metrology grade scanners MUST be used to ensure the highest quality data. Only metrology grade scanners can produce the type of raw 3D data needed to produce a parametric CAD model capable for use in the industrial sector. Read more about our reverse engineering services here.

Different 3d scanning technologies
Nel PreTech metrology grade equipment: Blue light scanner, CMM, Industrial CT Scanner

Another 3D scan to CAD challenge often found in the industrial world is the inability to move shop floor equipment or artifacts.

This is where the portability of Nel PreTech’s blue light scanning system comes into play. Sometimes machine parts simply cannot be removed or the object to be scanned may be architecturally fixed in place. These problems can be solved by Nel PreTech’s on-location scanning services. You can read more about Nel PreTech’s on-location scanning services here.

Also, industrial manufacturers don’t always produce perfect geometric shapes.

Perhaps you need to make a cavity of an organic or sculptural shape, but you don’t have a CAD model to do so. Nel PreTech has you covered. Our 3D scan-to-cad services also include the option to convert our scan data directly to a .step format that can be read by any traditional CAD package. This service is mostly useful for non-normal organic or sculptural shapes. Read more about surface wraps here.

Finding new parts for an industrial manufacturing machine can be a major challenge, especially for older machines.

Everybody knows that the older a machine is the harder it is to find parts for it. Sometimes, they are just too expensive for your budget or simply no longer available. Don’t let broken or worn machine parts shut down production. Let Nel PreTech bail you out. Nel PreTech’s 3D scan to cad services can give you the CAD and or blueprints you need to make broken, worn, or legacy parts yourself. Why overpay or import from overseas if you don’t have to? Read more about this process here.

Sometimes industrial challenges simply come down to expertise and know-how.

Let’s face it, talented people are difficult to come by. Whatever your 3D scanning to CAD service needs may be, Nel PreTech has the tools and the talent to get you to the finish line. Our staff has decades of experience using the most cutting-edge scanning equipment and CAD modeling software available in the industry. Contact us to quote your 3D Scan to CAD project today!!


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