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Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

Industrial CT scanning is a non-destructive testing method that uses X-rays to create 3D images of the internal and external structures of scanned objects. This technology is widely used across major industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and engineering, to analyze the internal structure and features of various components.

Here are some ways in which industrial CT scanning can improve inspection throughput:

Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial CT scanning enables engineers to inspect the internal structure of objects without the need for disassembly or destruction. This technology saves significant time compared to traditional destructive testing methods, which require objects to be taken apart before inspection. Additionally, it allows expensive products to be preserved and used further after inspection.

Speed and Efficiency

Industrial CT scanners can take thousands of high-resolution images within minutes. They speed up inspections by allowing engineers to scan and evaluate parts much faster.  

Depending on the size of the parts being scanned and measurement volumes, their multiple images can be captured without changing the setup. CT scanning software allows inspection teams to predefine analysis parameters. Depending on the defined scan resolution parameters, the entire process (from scanning to analysis) may take just a few minutes to a few hours.  

Automated Analysis

Automated scanning systems can perform inspections with minimal human intervention, reducing the potential for human error and ensuring consistent, high-quality results. This leads to faster inspection times, increased productivity, and the ability to handle large volumes of scans efficiently. The process can also significantly speed up decision-making. Tasks such as defect recognition, dimensional analysis, and material porosity evaluation can be performed quickly and efficiently.  

Comprehensive Inspection

Industrial CT scanners capture high-resolution images of internal and external structures of objects in a single scan, allowing engineers to inspect parts in one go. They allow for the detection of internal defects such as cracks, inclusions, and voids (defects that may not be visible if traditional inspection methods were used).  

Superior Accuracy

CT scanners are considered more accurate than other traditional measurement equipment. When talking about accuracy, the term measurement uncertainty is typically used. Machines with smaller measurement uncertainties are considered more accurate. Accuracy is determined by a series of tests and adherence to protocols developed by ASME and meets ISO 10360 guidelines. Accuracy testing on CT machines is an ongoing process for scanning providers to ensure the capability of providing accurate measurements.


Repeatability refers to the ability to consistently reproduce the same results under unchanged conditions. In the context of industrial CT scanning, repeatability is a key benefit because it ensures that the internal inspections of objects can be performed multiple times with the same level of accuracy and precision. This consistency is crucial for quality control and reliability in manufacturing and engineering processes.

With industrial CT scanning, engineers can repeatedly scan and analyze the same object, knowing that each scan will provide the same detailed and accurate internal view.


Because CT scanning can analyze components of varying sizes, from small plastic parts to large metal casings, there is no need to invest in multiple inspection systems. Materials suitable for computed tomography scanning are also diverse.  

CT scanning uses 3D data to create a complete surface profile. Industrial CT scanners capture every detail, allowing engineers to analyze virtually any defect. Also, 3D scan data facilitates the comparison of objects with their 3D models.  

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At Nel PreTech, we are committed to helping manufacturers improve product quality. Our advanced 3D scanners capture the tiniest details, allowing manufacturers to identify areas of improvement. To learn more, call 708-429-4887.

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