Exploring a Journey of Growth and Innovation at Nel PreTech Corporation

Discover the driving force behind Nel PreTech Corporation's quality system. Meet Jason Johnson, leading innovation in critical engineering services.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

In a world where academic prowess meets practical expertise, Jason Johnson stands as a testament to the synergy between education and professional growth. Jason has carved a unique path marked by dedication and achievement.

We sat down with Jason to delve into his journey, from his early days in academia to his multifaceted role at Nel PreTech Corporation (NPC), and discover the person behind the resume.

Victoria: Hello everyone, and welcome to the Nel PreTech blog! Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with Jason Johnson, a valued member of our team. Jason, thank you for joining us today.


Jason: Thank you, Victoria. It's great to be here.


Victoria: Let's dive right in. Could you tell us a bit about your educational background and how it led you to Nel PreTech Corporation?


Jason: Sure. I graduated from the University ofIllinois at Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, followed by a master’s degree in computer science from Governor’s State University. During my time at UIC, I also served in the Air National Guard. It was at this point I began at Nel PreTech Corporation, initially starting part-time while pursuing my degree and then transitioning to a full-time role after graduation.


Victoria: Thank you for your service! Can you walk us through your career progression at NPC?


Jason: Sure. I began my journey at NPC as a CMM and Vision system operator, gradually taking on additional responsibilities over the years. Today, I oversee critical operations involving CMMs, Vision Systems, CT, and Blue Light scanners. I also serve as the Quality Manager, ensuring adherence to our Quality System and ISO 17025 accreditation. As the company's IT specialist, I contribute to the development and maintenance of our customer and job tracking software.


Victoria: Your role sounds multifaceted and crucial to NPC's operations. Outside of work, what interests and activities do you like to take part in?


Jason: I spend quality time with my wife and two children, exploring new adventures with them. I'm also an avid reader and fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres, which allows me to escape into different worlds. I also like to go on late-night movie outings with my brother. And to stay active, I participate in local 5k or 10k running events whenever I can.


Victoria: It sounds like you have a well-rounded life both inside and outside of work. Before we wrap up, could you share a unique experience or fun fact about yourself?


Jason: Well, one memorable experience was navigating a situation involving law enforcement when my house was raided by the Will County SWAT team due to a white-collar incident involving my roommate. On a lighter note, I have a playful side and enjoy pulling off elaborate pranks. I like to inject a little humor and camaraderie into the workplace environment.


Victoria: Thank you for sharing, Jason. It's been a pleasure getting to know more about you and your journey at Nel PreTech Corporation.


Jason: Thanks for having me. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story.

And that wraps up our interview with Jason Johnson, showcasing his dedication, expertise, and vibrant personality within the Nel PreTech team. Stay tuned for more insightful interviews and updates on our blog!


If you’d like to learn more about the amazing staff at Nel PreTech, check out our About Us page.

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