450kV Industrial CT Scanning Services + Dense Materials

Learn about analysis and resolution capabilities of higher energy CT scanning and material density.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman

When it comes to the casting of dense materials like metal alloy, there are several common defects that can occur in the finished product. These defects can range from minor imperfections to more serious issues that can compromise the integrity of the alloy. Some of the most common defects include porosity, shrinkage, and inclusions.

  • Porosity: small voids or holes within the metal, which can weaken its structure.
  • Shrinkage: occurs when the metal contracts during solidification, leading to cavities or cracks.
  • Inclusions: foreign particles that become trapped within the metal during the casting process, which can also weaken the alloy.


To minimize these defects, it is crucial to carefully control the casting process and ensure proper alloy composition and cooling rates. Additionally, advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) such as industrial CT scanning services can be used to detect and address any potential defects before they cause significant issues.


For industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning services, the use of a 450kV machine is particularly suitable for scanning dense materials. Dense materials such as metal alloys require higher energy levels to penetrate and provide clear imaging. The 450kV machine can effectively penetrate these dense materials, allowing for detailed inspection and analysis of their internal structures. This is especially beneficial in industries such as defense, aerospace, automotive, and casting, where the integrity and quality of dense materials play a critical role. By utilizing a 450kV machine for industrial CT scanning, businesses can ensure accurate and reliable results when examining the internal characteristics of their dense materials.


What Are the Analysis Capabilities of 450kV Industrial CT Scanning?

450kV industrial CT scanning services offer a range of powerful analysis capabilities. With this level of energy, the 450kV can penetrate dense material like iron and steel, for instance. In the example below, a Springfield Armory 1911 Series Handgun is scanned at an 80-micron resolution. This allows for visualization of precise detail and material characterization.


Some of the specific analysis capabilities that can be performed with 450kV industrial CT scanning services include:

  • assembly defect analysis
  • porosity of components or whole assemblies
  • void detection
  • failure analysis


Additionally, this high-energy scanning can also provide valuable insights into internal structures, such as fiber orientation in composite materials or internal corrosion in metal components. Overall, 450kV industrial CT scanning services offer a comprehensive and non-destructive method for analyzing a wide range of dense materials and components.


Are 450kV Industrial CT Scanning Machines Used in Metrology?

450kV industrial CT scanning machines are not typically used for metrology due to several reasons:

  1. These machines are primarily designed for high-energy applications such as inspecting thick-walled components or scanning large objects.
  2. The higher energy levels can penetrate thicker materials, but they also introduce more scattering and beam hardening artifacts, which can affect the accuracy of dimensional measurements.
  3. For metrology purposes, lower kV machines with higher resolution capabilities are preferred to ensure accurate and detailed measurements without compromising on image quality.


Industrial CT scanners like a 225kV offer better control over scattering effects and provide clearer and sharper images necessary for precise metrology analysis. However, when seeking out industrial CT scanning services, be sure the provider understands your requirements. At Nel PreTech, we weigh each unique project, customer expectations, and deliverables to find the best technique to get you the best results.


What are the Resolution Capabilities of 450kV Industrial CT Scanning Services?

450kV industrial CT scanning can handle a wide range of resolutions. The exact resolution capabilities will depend on factors such as the specific scanner model and the size and complexity of the object being scanned. One component dictating resolution is the size of the focal spot inside the x-ray tube. Within the x-ray tube, a beam of electrons is accelerated into a target. When the electrons are deflected by the material of the target, x-rays are produced. This process is known as Bremsstrahlung radiation (German for braking radiation.)  This process is highly inefficient with only 1% of the incident energy being converted into x-rays while the other 99% goes to heating the target. For a project which requires higher energies, the focal spot size must be increased allowing for better cooling of the target material to prevent melting the target. In general, the focal spot size needs to be smaller than the target resolution of the scan. Therefore, for a high-power scan, resolution is typically sacrificed. A 450kV scanner can achieve high-resolution imaging in individual circumstances, but it is important to understand the limitations increased power has on resolution. This is why it is critical to consult with a professional industrial CT scanning services provider to determine the most appropriate resolution for your specific application and ensure that the scanner can meet your requirements.


If you'd like to talk more about your project, material density, or applications please reach out to Nel PreTech. Offering industrial CT scanning services, we are trusted experts in the field and always happy to support your non-destructive inspection needs.

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