3D CAD Modeling for Manufacturing: Cuts Like a Knife

A manufacturer and supplier needed 3D CAD modeling to move a part of their operation to the U.S.

Victoria Russman
Victoria Russman
Nel PreTech quickly provided me a high quality 3D rendering of a complex, high precision part. I am looking forward to working with them in the future. -JR Project Engineer

Manufacturing Customer:

The country's largest commercial knife rental and sharpening service. They serve more than 49,000 customers, including some of the most recognizable restaurant and grocery chains in the United States. From the corner deli to industrial scale, this company serves any size operation. They got their start in Chicago, IL in the early 1900's and soon after, grew to a national company.

The Challenge:

The customer needed a 3D scan of an industrial food processing blade and a usable 3D CAD model from Solidworks in order to manufacture the part. Previously, parts were being imported from Europe and the cost per unit was becoming prohibitive. The customer needed to be able to manufacture the blade in the United States.

3D CAD Modeling Process:

  • From there, an .STL file was created from the raw CT scan dataset.
  • The .STL was imported into Geomagic Design X. This is a 3D reverse engineering design software. It has the ability to process large datasets with millions of points per scan. It's the program Nel PreTech uses to create high quality, feature-based CAD models.
  • The .STL was used as a scaffold to create a 3D CAD model.
  • The CAD model was exported from Geomagic Design X in a .STEP format for the end deliverable to the customer.
3D CAD model of industrial scale food processing blade
Final Deliverable: 3D CAD Model of Industrial Scale Food Processing Blade

Results Achieved:

Our designers were able to provide a 3D CAD model with speed and accuracy. Results were provided in a .STEP format which can be opened and read universally across all CAD/CAM software packages. In the end, the customer is saving time and money by being able to manufacture the part in the U.S.

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