Antonio "AJ" Gradi

Applications Engineer / CT Specialist

Antonio “AJ” Gradi is curious and eager to always learn new information. He is currently an Applications Engineer/ CT Specialist at Nel Pretech Corporation. AJ joined the 3D scanning and industrial CT laboratory in July of 2022 and excelled in every task given. At Nel Pretech, he operates the Metrotom 800 and 1500 computed tomography scanners and performs dimensional analysis, failure inspections, and other 3D scanning related services using GOM Volume Inspect and Volume Graphics.  

AJ graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Engineering Physics in May of 2022. While there he learned plenty from many different backgrounds including but not limited to Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering as well as Computer Science. These all complimented a tough major and made his experience well-rounded. While there his favorite labs/ classes involved nuclear science. The advanced laboratory course which introduced him to radiation and all its interactions started an infatuation that still exists today. He was a teaching assistant for that course the next semester as well as took several more graduate level courses. To top it off he focused on using GEANT4 to simulate gamma-ray interactions and compare those results with the physical experiments as his Senior Capstone Project. This background has helped him excel in his position at Nel Pretech.

Using another part of AJ’s background, he has significantly improved productivity. Using Python, he has semi-automated several key components in his and his coworkers’ positions. This reduces the time needed as button pushers and increases the amount of time they can be engineers and problem solve. The Python background is also useful when using GOM Volume Inspect. Their built-in python integration plays gracefully with the workload, further allowing greater quality data and information for the customers.

In AJ’s personal time he enjoys learning more about computers, whether that be advanced ways to build them or just more about the technology that makes them tick. In the complete opposite direction, he also enjoys reading fantasy and science-fiction novels. When either of those hobbies aren’t at the forefront of his attention he likes to bake, go fishing, and learn guitar.

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