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Improve product functionality, analyze competitor parts, and create new CAD models.

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Improve Product Design

Extract design intent from existing parts with data gathering methods that are highly accurate and repeatable.

Create a Usable 3D Model

Get a simple-solid model or take it further to get a full-parametric CAD model.

Re-Design Legacy Parts

No CAD data? No Problem. Rebuild a parametric model from scratch or get all design tree information for editing.

3D Scan to CAD Services That Bring Accuracy to Your Reverse Engineering Projects

Increase manufacturability, create usable models, or re-create one-of-a-kind parts with a complete dataset. You’ll get everything you need all in ONE scan!

  • Re-design legacy parts
  • Rapid prototyping
  • 3D printing
  • Extract design intent
  • Create new molds
  • Re-create one-of-a-kind parts
  • 3D models for marketing, archiving, or game development
  • Product development
Image of Zeiss Metrotom 1500 computed tomography machine.
The Advanced Equipment to Deliver Fast, Reliable 3D Models
  • Our ZEISS Metrotom 1500 & 800 are great for plastics, composites, and light metals. Dense materials are a great fit for our ATOS Q Blue light system.
  • Data is processed using market-leading, specialty software like Geomagic DesignX and Solidworks.
  • Surface variations can be analyzed with user-definable color patterns.
  • Cross sections give the ability to see otherwise hidden features.
  • Materials of different densities and surface finishes are a good fit for 3d scanning.
Blue light scan of a handle
Our 3D Scan to CAD is industry leading, but it takes more than just a scan:
  • 30+ years in business
  • Subject matter experts
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited by A2LA
  • Easy to use viewer software, tutorials and help videos
  • Deep understanding & management of measurement uncertainty
  • Web conferences are always available to discuss results
  • Dedicated and responsive account ENGINEERS to keep your tight deadlines met

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“Nel Pretechdid a great job of reverse engineering some part drawings for us. They provided both 3D and 2D drawings in a timely manner. The drawings were thorough and complete. I look forward to working with Nel Pretech again in the future.”
Liz Bruzas
“High quality CAD model development and very professional!”
Alexander Ellet
Autobody Composites Manufacturer
“Nel PreTech quickly provided me a high-quality 3D rendering of a complex, high precision part. I am looking forward to working with them in the future.
Joey Nowak
Marketing Manager
Sporting Goods Manufacturing

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What is 3D Scan to CAD?

Reverse engineering services, part digitization, and 3D modeling are three fundamentally linked processes. To be able to provide services in one, you must excel at all three.

  • 3D scanning is a technology used to collect a 3D data set of an object or part. The digitization process captures the exact shape and size of a part without need for destruction of the part. The data acquired is used to construct a 3D model.
  • Data processing is a pre-processing step to get ready for creating a 3D CAD model. Raw data is processed with specialty software to create a polygonal .STL model.
  • CAD model creation can involve a few methods. The first is to convert the .STL file into a .STEP file. The second method is a completely surfaced model that matches the scanned part exactly. All imperfections are included. Lastly, the surfaced model can be exported in IGES or STEP format for further processing in other CAD software packages. This method produces a simple solid conversion of the polygonal .STL file. No parametric information is contained in the file.

Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed tomography (CT) scanning or industrial 3D imaging is the most advanced 3D scan to CAD technology in the metrology world. CT is excellent for critical components that have internal geometries that cannot be fully inspected with any other 3D scan method.

Structured Light (Blue Light Scanning)

This light-based, non-contact testing system is great for reverse engineering applications, prototyping, and quality assurance. The blue light has a narrow wavelength and is not as prone to ambient light as its predecessor (white light), giving you a more accurate scan.

3D Scanning

When looking for 3D scan to CAD services, it is important to consider the 3D scanning equipment being used, the technicians’ level of expertise, and the software that will bring the best level of interrogation possible. At Nel PreTech, you will find all three and the consultation to help you decide what 3D scanning platform is best for your project.

Where is 3D Scan to CAD used?

3D scan to CAD can be ideal in any industry looking to better a product, duplicate it, or learn from the design. The personnel conducting the scanning and modeling are highly trained and experienced in both disciplines.

Industries that use 3D scan to CAD services include, but are not limited to:

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Than Believing!

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