A Dose of Iron: Scanning Golf Clubs

Our customer wanted a solid CAD model built using scanned data from an existing part.

Chad Manning
Chad Manning
Our customer needed a CAD model created utilizing scan data from an existing golf club. The results were a hit!

On this project, our customer wanted a solid CAD model built using scanned data from an original golf club. It was also requested that some of the features found on the original part were removed during the CAD modeling process. In the photos pictured here, the original scanned golf club can be seen along with the finished CAD model. Notice that the “slotted” features on the face of the club were not included on the final model. This was accomplished through mesh editing. 3D Mesh editing is just one of the many tools that can be used in our specialized modeling software. In this case, feature editing took place on the mesh data before the solid model was constructed.

Other traditional CAD modeling tools are also built into the software. Using these types of tools, such as: extrusions, revolves and sweeps, new features can be created or existing features can be edited. Utilizing this type of specialized engineering software, we can create solid CAD models from virtually any real world object!

Original scanned model and finished CAD model of golf club.

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