Restoring Classic Cars: A CAD Model for a Custom Part

Adding custom details to a Pontiac Ventura. See the finished CAD model by Nel PreTech.

Chad Manning
Chad Manning

Keeping these classic cars on the road is a passion for some. When a Chicago police officer came to our lab with an interesting project, we couldn't help but get excited about being involved in restoring this piece of Americana. With 3D scanning and reverse engineering artistry, Nel PreTech got the results needed to bring this idea to life.

John Mirabelli was looking for a buyer for his cousin's 1968 Pontiac Ventura when it occurred to him he should purchase the car himself. The two cousins agreed it should be kept in the family as they wanted the integrity of the vehicle to be maintained. John plans to enter this beauty into car shows and drive it to be enjoyed and celebrated for the excellent craftsmanship and design it represents.

Watch the video to see Nel PreTech's role in this journey and stay tuned for an update on this CAD modeling project as it comes together.

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Music: Nile's Blues by Kevin MacLeod

Free download: https://buff.ly/48HAYNF

Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://buff.ly/37VFLgY

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