Industrial CT Scans: A Guide to Understanding Low Res vs. High Res

Navigate the world of Industrial CT Scans with Nel PreTech guide. Delve into Low Res vs. High Res for optimal clarity through a consultative approach.

Carter Aldridge
Carter Aldridge

Understanding the full potential of industrial computed tomography (CT) scans involves a strategic approach to customer engagement. At Nel PreTech, we recognize the complexity of navigating CT scans and offer a tailored experience to ensure efficiency and crystal-clear results. In this blog post, we'll delve into the importance of understanding scanning needs, explore the differences between low-resolution and high-resolution scanning, and highlight the benefits of each.

Understanding Varied Scanning Needs:

Consider scenarios where a customer is aware of a circuitry issue but lacks clarity on where to focus the investigation. In such cases, a basic, low-resolution image might be sufficient to shed light on the situation. This type of scan provides a general overview, allowing for a quick assessment of the overall structure and identifying potential areas of interest.

2D CT scan of a possible short circuit

Recent Example:

Low-Res vs. High- Res Decisions

In a recent instance, a customer expressed the need to examine fifteen samples for potential failures in their parts. Conducting fifteen high-resolution scans would have incurred a substantial cost for them. Recognizing the importance of cost-effectiveness, Nel PreTech recommended a strategic approach. Instead of committing to fifteen scans upfront, the customer was advised to opt for a single low-resolution scan on one sample for an initial assessment. This approach allows them to identify any apparent issues without a significant financial commitment.

By taking this measured step, the customer stands to benefit in multiple ways. In the best-case scenario, they may pinpoint the source of the problem, saving both time and money by avoiding unnecessary high-resolution scans for all fifteen samples. In the worst-case scenario, the initial low-resolution scan serves as a cost-effective means of preliminary evaluation, providing valuable insights that may guide the decision on whether to proceed with high-resolution scans selectively based on specific part numbers.

This consultative approach not only addresses the customer's immediate need for assessment but also demonstrates a respectful consideration for their budget constraints. It reflects our commitment to providing tailored solutions that prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the best interest of our clients.

Detailed Examination Requirements

On the other hand, there are instances where a deeper dive is necessary, requiring a high-resolution scan. High-resolution scanning allows for a detailed examination, focusing on specific areas of interest with exceptional clarity. This level of precision is particularly beneficial when intricate details or defects need to be analyzed, providing valuable insights into the internal structure of components.


In some cases, having the part in-house becomes essential to determine the feasibility of obtaining the desired scan. There are many variables and complexities, so merging the customer expertise with our knowledge of CT scanning is paramount for the desired outcome. This strategic decision-making is crucial to avoid unnecessary costs and extra scanning, ensuring that the chosen approach aligns with the unique requirements of each project.


Benefits of

Low-Resolution Scanning:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Low-resolution scans are generally more cost-effective, making them a practical choice for projects with budget constraints.
  2. Rapid Assessment: Basic overviews provided by low-resolution scans enable quick assessments, making them suitable for scenarios where a swift understanding of the overall structure is sufficient.
Sample cinderblock
Sample object to be scanned
Low res CT scan of sample object
Low resolution CT scan of sample object

Benefits of

High-Resolution Scanning:

  1. Detailed Analysis: High-resolution scans offer unparalleled detail, making them ideal for projects that require an in-depth examination of intricate components or defects.
  2. Precision: The ability to focus on specific areas of interest with precision ensures that the obtained results are highly accurate and reliable.
  3. Quality Control: Industries that demand strict quality control can benefit from high-resolution scanning, as it provides comprehensive insights into the integrity of materials and components.
High res CT scan of cinderblock
High resolution CT scan of sample object


Nel PreTech's Expertise

at Your Service:

Navigating the intricacies of industrial CT scans can be challenging, but with Nel PreTech, you can trust our expertise to guide your scans with precision. We understand the importance of avoiding unnecessary costs and extra scanning, and our team is committed to tailoring your scanning experience for optimal outcomes. 

Our Approach:

Let us be your partner in this journey towards insightful CT scans. Whether you need a basic overview or a detailed examination, we have the expertise to address your unique requirements. Our proactive and cost-effective approach ensures that you receive the most value from your CT scans.


Efficiency matters when it comes to industrial CT scans, and at Nel PreTech, we believe that seeing is better than believing. Trust us to guide your scanning experience with precision and expertise. Your journey to unlocking the full potential of CT scans begins with a proactive and cost-effective approach tailored to your unique requirements.


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