3D Scanning Services & Applications

3D scanning services have made it possible for companies to create high-quality digital models of physical objects for use in various applications.

101-Complete List of 3D Scanning Services & Applications

3D scanning services have made it possible for companies to create high-quality digital models of physical objects to use in various applications.
In terms of industrial manufacturing, the process of 3D scanning can be quite simple or quite complex depending on the strategy used to acquire and process the data: the object can be scanned using an x-ray source, multi-sensor system, or structured light scanner. A specialty software program then converts the data obtained into a 3D image that can be viewed for further examination or use. Our wide range of 3D scanning services includes:
01 Dimensional Inspection
Dimensional inspection services use quantifiable values of international standards to measure or compare objects for conformance or reliability.
02 Metrology
Metrology services refer to measurement services with high precision and accuracy so that designs and processes can be optimized for production.
03 Flaw Detection
We use non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques to perform inspections on materials, components, or finished goods to identify manufacturing defects and inaccuracies, describe quality control, and verify compliance with specifications or standards.
04 Failure Analysis 
These services include 3D scanning and industrial CT scanning to help you identify and eliminate potential manufacturing defects.
05 Assembly Accuracy
Using 3D scanners and NDT techniques, we help you improve your product assemblies and reduce errors in the production process. This service makes sure that each piece is within tolerance and can be easily assembled into one cohesive unit with a high degree of precision. 
06 Reverse Engineering Applications 
We offer reverse engineering application services and modeling for all kinds of industries that want to create new versions of existing products or re-engineer old models for better performance. 
07 Capability Study
Our Capability Study service is perfect for determining if your system is capable of producing products within your customer’s quality specifications.
08 Porosity Analysis  
Whether you're a medical device manufacturer, a designer, or R&D engineer porosity is an important factor in creating high-quality products. With our porosity analysis capabilities, you can get accurate, detailed data about material voids, gas traps, and other areas of interest.
09 Color Map 
Our color map service provides you with a visual representation of the deviations from nominal CAD. Colors can be user defined to easily identify fit and function issues of your current part.
10 Material Analysis & Process Optimization
Our material segmentation allows you to pinpoint different material densities and see how they assemble together. With one 3D scan we can also detect flaws, voids, and cracks.
11 STL Files
SLT files are always an available deliverable of your scan data and can be used in many CAD software programs.
12 Scan Evaluation
Rely on our years of expertise as trusted consultants on thousands of 3d scanning projects. We’ll help you interrogate the data or provide you with access to a library of viewer software tutorials.

10 Applications of our 3D scanning services

We know you're probably wondering what our 3D scanning services can do for you. And we know that not everyone has the same needs. Some of our 3D scanning applications include, but are not limited to:
  1. Product Development
  2. Prototyping
  3. Quality Control & Inspection
  4. Reverse Engineering
  5. Research & Development (R&D)
  6. Defense
  7. Medical & Dental
  8. Consumer Goods & Electronics
  9. Automotive
  10. Aerospace
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